Library update

On the eve of two years of operation, I have a few observations on the library. Like many projects I took a series of 'finds' and said to myself what can I do with this. The finds were the core cabinet of the library and board that made up the roof material. I let my imagination carry me where it will and so I added the museum, bulletin board, Lincoln logs, solar lighting, magnetic poetry, green roof etc. Over time some things have failed such as the first roof (which has since been replaced by something more permanent. I have enjoyed the process of adding and tinkering. What I did not foresee was the way that this project has pushed reading into my life. I find books showing up in the box that I want to read. I think I have read more in the past two years than I have in the previous ten. It has been been enriching and fun, but I find myself less in the drivers seat than I thought I would be. That is OK because life is full of surprises and anyone who thinks they are in control are kidding themselves.

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