A note from the creator of Fun Literacy:

In addition to being a teacher, I am also a visual artist and a website developer. In making these books I have used all these skills. I began writing and drawing stories when a fellow teacher planted the idea in my head. The books were a great success with my students. The system for customizing the text in the first few books was rather clumsy and time consuming, so I tapped my skills as a web designer to make the process easier. When our school were closed for 2 days in January due to extreme cold weather, I found the time to patch together code which would automate the process of making the books. I also found fonts which were more appopriate to emerging readers.

My work as a visual artist (primarily painting and photography) can be seen at My web design work is primarily focused on creating sites for visual artists. The site dedicated to that work is I teach ESL at Orchard Ridge Elementary. I work there half time and devote the rest of my hours to painting, web design and fathering.

- Doug Haynes, teacher, artist and web developer

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